September Member of the Month
Vanusa Greene
TFE South Riding

TFE would like to congratulate our Member of The Month, Vanusa Greene of TFE South Riding!

Vanusa has loved working out most of her life but stopped due to workload and schedule changes. Vanusa reached a point with her stressful work schedule and load that she needed to prioritize her job or start exercising so she could improve her health both mentally and physically. She restarted her exercise journey in March and has been working with her trainer Mike to help her kick things off. Vanusa feels confident each day because she has a trainer who believes in her and her goals.

Vanusa says the most important part is that “As you see improvements in your strength and work out duration over time, this only adds to your motivation to do better.”

Vanusa is motivated by the results she sees and when new advanced challenges are added to her routines. Understanding her workout plan and how it helps her is how she was able to reach her goals.

TFE thanks Vanusa for her continued support of TFE and for showing others that change is possible! Congratulations Vanusa!

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