At The Fitness Equation, our trainers are professional, educated, attentive, and here to help you see dramatic results! Utilizing our custom Functional Training Room, high-end equipment, and large facility, we provide tailored personal and group training programs to help you achieve your fitness goals. We believe in excellent customer service and professionalism. Our commitment is to guide you through every step of your fitness plan. Get started today!

Training programs

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The Burn Zone

Groups include 3+ members!

Your training inspiration, goals, and style are as unique as you. So, forget about one-size-fits-all group training. Select the workout pathway that best fits you in The Burn Zone. The Burn Zone is small group training for 10-12 people. Choose between several programs that deliver separate workout experiences designed to crush different goals like:

  • TFE Ignite: Burn calories and HIIT it hard!
  • TFE Compete: Exceed to Succeed!
  • TFE Restore: TFE Restore: Recover, rejuvenate, relax!

Have fun and improve your fitness level in a community, fun, motivating environment!

Personal Training

From designing a customized workout plan, to providing ongoing motivation and support, our certified personal trainers are dedicated to helping you establish and achieve your personal fitness goals. TFE offers our proprietary FITEq, which is a personal and confidential fitness assessment designed to provide members with measurable goals and a fitness plan as you mark improvements along your fitness journey.

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Partner Training

Groups include 2-3 members!

Getting fit is a lot more fun with a friend! Exercising with a partner allows you to build meaningful relationships while encouraging each other to keep going. With TFE’s Partner Training Program, you will reach new levels of motivation and success in a fun, small group setting with our dynamic group trainers. Your workouts will be exciting and provide a supportive atmosphere to achieve your fitness goals!

Group Training

Groups include 3+ members!

Small group training has been gaining popularity, as it is an affordable and fun way for clients to take advantage of a trainer’s expertise at a lower financial investment — all while keeping the fun and competitiveness of a group dynamic.

Sports Performance

Our Sports Performance Training program is designed to take you to new levels of fitness! We train athletes of all ages to improve strength, speed, agility, form, and endurance to create a well-rounded athlete both on and off the field.

Basketball Training

Former James Madison University player, overseas pro player, and Portland Trailblazers Training Camp participant, Joe Posey, is at the helm of TFE Basketball Training. Joe’s 3PBasketball programs are designed to improve your basketball game through skill building! Joe trains basketball athletes of all ages and experience levels through individual, group, team, clinic, and camp settings offered on TFE’s NBA-size basketball court!

Kidz Ninja Warrior

Our Ninja Warrior course features several different obstacles for your child to test their ninja warrior skills! Our one-of-a-kind training gives youth a unique approach to fitness that encompasses strength, conditioning, flexibility, problem-solving, and coordination. Training is adaptable to many skill and strength levels. Obstacles test core and upper body strength, grip strength, running, balance, jumping, speed, and endurance. 

Adult Ninja Warrior

We know you are a fan of the TV show… who isn’t?! Our South Riding Ninja Warrior course is suitable for all ages — adults and children!!


Now you can develop the core strength, flexibility, and acrobatics to navigate through the challenging obstacle courses right here at TFE. The course combines strength, free movement, and coordination to build athleticism while engaging in an enjoyable, coordinated exercise! Prepare to COMPETE!!


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