October Member of the Month
Irving Juleus
TFE One Loudoun

Congratulations to Irving Juleus of TFE One Loudoun for being chosen as our October Member Of The Month!

Irving has been a member of One Loudoun since 2020. He enjoys the group classes because they provide another option for workouts that help to avoid plateaus. Irving regularly comes to TFE to work out and attend group classes.

Irving’s fitness journey began when he was younger and playing team sports. For as long as he can remember, fitness has always been a part of his journey from sports to working out in the gym. Playing sports has always been the motivation for Irving, knowing that staying fit and active would allow him to perform at a higher level.

Irving’s biggest motivational fitness tip is to not be deterred by what others are doing and to focus on your personal improvement. Concentrate on what you are doing and how you are improving. Irving stays motivated by maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, utilizing TFE as a way to reach his goals.

Congratulations, Irving, and keep up the good work!


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