Complimentary Fitness Assessment

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Start strong with our complimentary fitness assessment! All of our members are encouraged to take advantage of our complimentary fitness assessment upon joining The Fitness Equation, and again every 90 days to measure progress and compare measurements. The process is quick, easy, and informative! Obtain valuable data including:

Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Testing your heart rate and blood pressure is widely recognized as a cardiovascular function. It can be recorded by testing your resting heart rate peacefully and then by standing up. When the body composition changes from seated to standing, there are specific changes in heart rate and blood pressure that occur. This test records your body’s ability to adequately respond to the regulatory challenges caused by gravitational shifts in the body’s blood mass.

Height & Weight

Measuring your height and weight is a part of building your body composition. Your height and weight is a great starting point that helps you establish whether or not you need to lose weight based on your height, and how much. These measurements help guide your diet and exercise plans during your fitness journey, and also help you track changes along your fitness journey as you make progress.

Body Mass Index

Otherwise known as BMI, Body Mass Index is a measure of your weight relative to your height. It is calculated by dividing your weight in kilograms by your height in meters squared. Instead of accounting for body fat or body fat distribution, BMI uses your weight and height to indicate whether you are underweight, at normal weight, or are overweight. There are, however, limitations to BMI.

Body Fat Percentage

Body fat percentage is the measure of body composition that shows how much of your body weight is fat. The percentage is calculated as the total mass of fat divided by the total body mass times 100. Your body fat percentage can indicate whether you fall within the “low body fat risk”, “ultra lean”, “moderately lean”, “excess fat”, and “high body fat risk” zone.


Flexibility is the well-known word for the range of motion of muscle and connective tissue at a joint or group of joints. Flexibility is specific to each of the joints in the body, especially the back, as flexibility in the back is associated with better function and performance in athletics. Flexibility may enhance postural stability and balance and could potentially aid in low-back pain.

VO2 Max

The name is derived from volume, which stands for V, oxygen, which stands for the O2, and maximum, for Max. V02 Max is the maximum capacity of an individual’s body to transport and use oxygen during aerobic exercises, which acts as a marker to the overall fitness of the individual. The test helps to calculate how much oxygen is being utilized by exercising muscles during aerobic exercises. The test is thought to be a great marker for cardiovascular health.

Postural Assessment & Movement Screening

Postural and movement tests determine what muscles may be impacting the client’s ability to move. Any restrictions can be directly assessed with exercises and stretches that will aid in stability and mobility. It mainly helps to identify muscles that are weak and muscles and joints that need some attention in terms of strength and range of motion.

Fitness assessments provide you and your personal trainer with the opportunity to observe your body’s potential when it’s moving and when it’s stationary. It demonstrates your ability and also gives you a great benchmark for improvement. Further, your fitness assessment can help guide your fitness goals, giving you a more structured idea of realistic short-term and long-term goals. 

This educational experience also gives our members an opportunity to discuss and fine-tune their goals with experienced trainers who can provide insight and exercise recommendations. These tests give you a clear idea of how fit you are and what kind of goals you may need to set. Further, it helps you stay motivated by defining your areas of improvement. Each time you repeat your assessment, celebrate your progress and adjust your goals accordingly. Your results and progress should be shared with your personal trainer and your work out buddies! Set strong goals and begin with the end in mind! Contact our fitness leadership today to get started!