March Member of the Month
Nicole S.

Congratulations to our April Member of the Month, Nicole S.!

She has been a member of TFE for over a year.

To her, fitness means keeping her body healthy by caring for it both inside and outside. Her fitness journey started in 2018, and when she started, she didn’t love it. She had to force herself to make it to the gym even if it was just to walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes. Now it’s a part of her daily lifestyle.

She says, “it has been the best decision that I have made!” Before joining TFE she set up her own workouts but did not know if her form was correct and often became bored as her routine was repetitive. When she first became a member, she tried every class and then chose the classes that not only met her fitness goals but also kept her challenged and motivated. You can frequently find her sweating in Danny’s Wednesday evening GRIT class, Lisa’s Saturday Insanity class, and dancing the night away in Juliana’s Zumba classes. Nicole is thankful to the instructors who help her improve form, encourage her to try new workouts, and push her to keep progressing with her fitness goals. She is very dedicated!

Keep up the great work Nicole, you’re doing amazing!

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