March Member Of The Month
Beverly Sloan of TFE South Riding

TFE would like to congratulate our March Member Of The Month, Beverly Sloan of South Riding. Beverly retired from her job with the government in 2014. She said health and fitness is now her full time job! Her job was very stressful and it was difficult to always find time for fitness.

Beverly was always involved in sports and fitness from an early age. Diabetes runs in her family so she knew she had to keep up a healthy lifestyle and make fitness a priority. She has regular check-ups with her doctor who encourages her to make fitness a priority. Beverly joined TFE South Riding a little over a year ago. After six months her A1C dropped .2 points and her heart and lungs are stronger than ever!

Now that she’s retired and has more time on her hands she makes sure to get to the gym at least 5-6 days a week. Her favorite classes are Step with Bonny and the small group training, Flex with Anna. She said Bonny’s class is so much fun you don’t even notice it’s a workout until it’s over! Beverly recommends Anna’s Flex class for anyone wanting to work on mobility and flexibility as well as get a great workout in! Beverly said she loves working out at TFE because it’s the most welcoming, non intimidating gym she’s been too. There’s a family, community feel where everyone is very supportive and there’s no competition.

Her biggest motivation is health. She said it’s all about keeping her A1C and blood pressure down. As she gets older it can become a challenge, but as long as she stays ahead of the game she’s sure to stay healthy! Beverly said her biggest improvements are her flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.

Working out makes her day complete! She said “there’s no substitute for fitness and nothing feels better than a workout done!” Congratulations Beverly!

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