February Member Of The Month
Ty Galkin of TFE One Loudoun

Ty Galkin of TFE One Loudoun, is our February Member Of The Month! Ty is an 18 year old Senior at Stone Bridge high school. Ty joined TFE in October and began working out with trainer Justin Ho right away with the goal of bulking up and putting on weight and muscle. Ty has always been an athlete, but only began lifting after joining TFE.  Since training with Justin, Ty has gone from squatting 95lbs to 245lbs in just a few short months with a goal of squatting 315 pounds. His other goal is to bench press 225 pounds. Ty and Justin have also incorporated a plan to increase his muscle mass while not putting on any additional body fat. 

On the weekends, Ty works out at TFE with his dad for motivation and support. Ty said one of the reasons he likes to work with a trainer is for motivation. The other reason he enjoys working with a trainer is for guidance with his form and technique. 

What motivates Ty to keep training is knowing he’s getting stronger and the feeling he gets each time he hits a new PR! He said he’s excited about his aesthetics as well. Ty’s fitness tip he would give to others is to know your body and your limits! Don’t try to “out lift” the guy next to you. Focus on form because that is what is most important. If you get hurt then you won’t be able to work out and you’ll be back to square one! 

Congratulations to Ty for being our February Member Of The Month! TFE is proud of Ty for having the motivation and determination to make his health and fitness a priority while balancing distancing learning and his senior year of high school! 

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