April Member Of The Month
Skip Jenkins of One Loudoun

TFE would like to congratulate our April Member Of The Month, Skip Jenkins of One Loudoun. Skip is an original OL member joining TFE before it even opened. He mentioned his first visit to TFE was in a hard hat touring the building with our VP of Business Development, Jason Kangarloo.

Skip began his fitness journey in the 1970’s with his father. He started lifting weights to keep up with the kids in his class. When Skip’s father passed away a few years ago from complications with diabetes he knew he had to make fitness a priority. Skip’s goal is to live a long, healthy and injury free life. He doesn’t want to be one of “those guys” who has nothing to talk about, but his injuries or aches and pains. He works out five days a week doing group classes, trains with our OL Fitness Director Inna Cannon, tracks his calories and cooks healthy meals with his wife at home. Skip said his wife is a big motivator and keeps him on track. With all of Skip’s healthy habits, he’s consistently losing about one pound a week.

After Skip retired in January of 2020, he was able to attend more group classes. One of his favorite things about TFE is the family atmosphere. Skip said he’s made many friends and loves the  motivation from the group classes. He said you don’t feel like you’re alone and he pushes himself harder. Skip is also an outdoor cyclist. He can tell his endurance has improved and he recovers much quicker.

Skip’s motivational tip is to do something you enjoy and do it everyday with no excuses! Find one hour! We can all find one hour in our day to help us live longer, healthier lives!

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