June Member of the Month
Abby Gaddy of One Loudoun

Member of the Month,

TFE would like to congratulate our June member of the month Abby Gaddy of TFE One Loudoun!

Abby has always led an active lifestyle, cheering in high school and college, and did gymnastics at an early age. After college, cheer was over and she needed a new fitness outlet. Her friends would bring her to gyms and teach her how to use the gym equipment, but she felt like she didn’t know the gym well enough and wasn’t getting a good workout.

After Covid, her entire family joined TFE together!

Abby’s mom never worked out much, but her father was always into fitness and wanted the whole family to join. Abby’s mom wanted to work with a trainer to get started so the whole family decided it was a good idea especially since Abby’s dad hurt his back.

Abby has been training with Heather for six months at One Loudoun. Abby said she feels like she’s working out with a friend. Heather is great at explaining each exercise, which muscle group Abby is using, and Heather is a great motivator! Abby said she feels stronger and loves her PR days! She has seen gains in her squats and that really motivates her to do better!

Abby loves being able to workout with her whole family. Her parents are very supportive and active with her. Abby’s family is a great example of what TFE means to the community! We are a family gym which offers so many amenities and the use of both our locations, which Abby takes advantage of!

Abby’s fitness tip would be, “getting to the gym is the hardest part so just show up”! She also said “Fitness is like a cup of water. Fill the cup with a drop each day and it will overflow.”

Abby said her motivation to keep going is her “future self”. She wants to be healthier, so if the current Abby is healthy now then the future Abby will be healthy and active!

Great job Abby and Congratulations!

Member of the Month,

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