January Member of the Month
Raghavendra Modur

Congratulations to our January 2022 South Riding Member of the Month, Raghavendra Modur who recently joined TFE three months ago!



Before joining TFE, Raghavendra had never belonged to a gym. He worked out at home occasionally, but he has a very demanding job so working out wasn’t a priority. The gym can be a bit overwhelming so Raghavendra took advantage of TFE’s free fitness assessment and began working with certified trainer, Zack twice a week.


Raghavendra enjoys working with Zack because he keeps the workouts fun and exciting! Raghavendra has also seen results which motivates him to keep going. Zack has taught him proper form, pushes him, focuses on his whole body even flexibility; which he appreciates. Raghavendra said Zack is very knowledgeable and goes out of his way to create programs for him since he’s still learning to workout on his own and has a very busy schedule. Since joining TFE Raghavendra has lowered his cholesterol, A1c, blood pressure, triglycerides, and blood sugar!! His health has motivated him to keep going and maintain an active lifestyle not just for him, but for his family.


Raghavendra’s advice to someone new to working out would be to make it part of your lifestyle and find a buddy to help with motivation. Congratulations Raghavendra and keep up the great work!


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