December Member of the Month
Betty Wu

TFE would like to congratulate our December member of the month, Betty Wu of TFE One Loudoun.



Betty joined TFE with her husband, not long after we opened. Betty never worked out before. She was a busy mother of four boys who didn’t have much time for herself. Now that her kids are grown she has plenty of time to do the things that make her happy! Betty said fitness makes her happy so you will see her at One Loudoun almost everyday!


Betty turned 50 before joining the gym and wanted to make fitness a priority in her life. She was only a walker before she joined TFE. Her doctor told her she needed to add more exercise to her lifestyle. Since she enjoys food, Betty knew walking wasn’t enough and wanted to add more physical activity as well.


Betty enjoys TFE because the instructors are very nice and helpful, the location is convenient for her as she can walk to the gym, and TFE offers a variety of group classes. She loves the interaction with others in the group classes and has made many friends. Betty takes morning yoga and Pilates classes at TFE almost everyday. She also keeps up with online classes. During the pandemic Betty stayed in shape by working out with our TFE instructors online.


Betty feels she is in her best shape! Her clothes fit well, she has better mobility and is able to bounce back quicker after injuries. Her motivational fitness tip to others would be to do the best you can. Don’t compare yourself to others.


Congratulations to Betty and good luck on your fitness journey!


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