April Member of the Month
Laura Whitebeck

TFE would like to congratulate Laura Whitebeck of TFE One Loudoun as our April
Member Of The Month!


Laura is easily one of our most dedicated and consistent Group Exercise members. She takes almost every format from Cycle to TFE Strong and Athletic Conditioning and comes to classes several times a week. She often brings her husband and daughter to classes as well.


Laura was always an athlete growing up and played tennis in high school and college. As an adult, fitness was initially in and out of her life as life got busy. She had her first child at 30 years old, and a couple years after she was born she decided to get back into the workout habit and hasn’t looked back since! Laura’s had two additional children since then and fully maintained her fitness routines throughout her pregnancies and after they were born.


Laura loves taking group fitness classes at TFE. She loves the variety of classes and teaching styles. Laura said it’s always fun to mix it up so it never gets boring! She enjoys the comradery of class workout buddies and the motivation the awesome instructors provide. She always pushes herself much harder when working out with others.


Laura’s fitness tip is to choose something that you enjoy and are excited to do! You don’t want to make exercise feel like a chore. She’s motivated to keep up her fitness routine because it is important for her both physically and mentally. Her family knows that Mommy is most happy after she gets her daily morning workout in! She’s proud to show her three daughters that her workouts keep both her body and mind strong! Laura wants to be a good role model for her kids!


She also won one of our GX challenges. She often brings her husband and daughter to class as well.


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