October Member Of The Month – Doug Smith of One Loudoun


Doug from One Loudoun is our TFE October Member of the Month!


Doug is 64 years old and has been working out at TFE with trainers, Inna & Justin, since 2018…sometimes even twice a day! Doug didn’t want to just improve his overall health, but wanted to improve his balance, coordination and build his strength. He searched out a personal trainer for guidance and targeted workouts. Doug was motivated to start his fitness journey because of health considerations. It had become a matter of life and death. Therefore, he had to take his health more seriously.


Doug has now lost over 60 pounds and has turned his Type 1 Diabetes into a pre-diabetic range.


His biggest motivational tip is to “show up”! Thank you Doug for motivating the TFE staff and members. You are a great inspiration to us all!

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