November Member Of The Month
Garima Singh of TFE South Riding

Garima Singh of TFE South Riding is our November MOTM! Garima joined TFE SR in August 2019. She’s a regular at the morning group exercise classes like TFE Strong, TFE Cardio/Core and Yoga! She stated that TFE group exercise instructors Aoife, Jessica, Anna and Daniella motivated her to strive to get stronger, lift more and push her when she wanted to give up.


In the past, Garima has struggled with health issues which hindered her progress for over two years. Now that she has trainers and instructors to help her get back on track coupled with her healthy eating habits, she has lost almost 20 pounds and many inches!


Garima also took the 3.5 months TFE was closed during Covid to her advantage. She utilized all of TFE’s online fitness videos, focused on her nutrition, and looked at that time as more of a positive than a negative.


Last month Garima began working with Bonny, TFE’s Fitness Director on her nutrition. Within one month of her nutrition coaching, where she fine tuned her eating habits, she has decreased her body fat 4% and increased her muscle mass 4.2%. Her biggest motivational fitness tip is being consistent with workouts and healthy eating. What motivates Garima and keeps her going is that she knows there is always room for improvement and she can feel she’s getting stronger everyday!


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