Staying Fit During the Holidays

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There is nothing more special than spending quality time with your family during the holidays. Everyone gets together and you get to see friends and family that you might not have been able to see all that often during the year. The holidays are also a time when people usually stray from their diets, gaining a few extra pounds and losing sight of their fitness goals. It can be easy to relax a bit more than usual, allowing yourself to overeat and avoid going to the gym. There is nothing wrong with relaxing, and you should never beat yourself up about straying from your workout routine. If the holidays are usually a time when you lose all the progress you made, then keep reading for some tips about how to stay healthy and on-track. For a fitness center that is also a family gym, offering Kidz Ninja Warrior and personal training courses, become a member with The Fitness Equation today. 

Set Realistic Goals

Set realistic objectives for yourself during the holidays, whether it is for your diet or for going to the gym. If you are busy spending time with family, but still want to make your fitness a priority in your schedule, then try setting half an hour, or even an hour, aside for working out. This could mean going on a quick run or getting to the gym for a quick workout. Let yourself enjoy the time you are spending with your family and enjoy the food, but make sure to set realistic diet plans. Avoid eating foods that will make you want to eat more, and portion treats and snacks that are high in fat and sugar. 

Prioritize Your Workouts

Try to get your workouts done early in the morning while everyone is still sleeping. You don’t feel bad for taking time for your fitness, and you’ll also avoid comments like “Oh, come on, it’s the holidays!”  Instead of spending two hours at the gym trying to get a long workout out of the way, go to a HIIT class or a group exercise class that is only an hour or so, so you still get your workout in before getting back to your friends and family. 

Pack Healthy Snacks

If you and your friends or family are planning excursions and activities throughout the day, it can be easy to stop for quick and unhealthy snacks on the go. To avoid eating unnecessary treats or meals that you wouldn’t have eaten otherwise, pack snacks with you that don’t have to be refrigerated. This can include a bag of mixed nuts, apples and peanut butter, hard-boiled eggs, healthy beef jerky, and even whey protein shakes. You can also get creative with what you eat, as there is no one way to be healthy while you’re out on the town. Staying on track doesn’t mean perfect, you can still eat those indulging meals with your family, but maybe this means trying to eat a little cleaner for the following meal. 

Learn How to Say No

This is extremely important, as you will encounter plenty of treats at parties and dinners that you may not really want, but may give into because someone is offering them to you. If you want to stay on track, then learn how to politely decline. The truth is that no one’s feelings are going to get hurt, and they will probably understand your drive for trying to stick to a routine and a path. Further, wanting to eat healthy is something you shouldn’t have to apologize for and it shouldn’t ever be something you feel embarrassed about. Find the balance between saying no to the treats that are indulgent and saying yes to the treats that you actually want. This will help you be consistent, which ultimately helps you get closer to accomplishing your goals.  

Get Creative

Your schedule is probably hectic around the holidays, so trying to find time away from your friends and family may not be realistic for you. In this case, get creative with how you are working out or staying active. This could mean planning a family hike or simply taking a nice walk through and around the neighborhood. Stay moving throughout the day by planning outdoor activities, playing with the kids, or taking a dog for the walk. This will take the stress off your shoulders for not getting to the gym like you may have hoped, but it also incorporates the people you are seeing into your daily activities. 

Cut Yourself Some Slack  

During the holidays, it can be easy to become stressed out if you start straying from your path or eating a little differently than you usually do. Always remember that perfection isn’t realistic and balance is necessary. Stay as consistent as you can with your workouts and your diet, but life happens, and there’s no point in beating yourself up if you are simply enjoying spending time with your family. Maybe you’re just too dang tired to get to the gym after spending a full day participating in holiday excursions and maybe you just want to indulge at a party. The worst thing you could do is make yourself feel bad.  

Join The Fitness Equation

With locations in Ashburn and Chantilly, it is easy to stick to your workout routine and your fitness goals. Our group fitness classes and personal training programs will help guide you through the holiday season. You don’t have to feel bad about leaving your family because we have activities for everyone! Kids can enjoy our Kidz Gym, with Kidz Ninja Warrior and Kids Ninja Warrior Open Play. You and your family can sign up for group fitness classes and crush a HIIT workout together because enjoying the rest of your day together. For more information about our membership, our amenities, or our training courses, contact The Fitness Equation in One Loudoun and South Riding today.

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