Fun Sports You Can Try As An Adult

As one grows older, it is inevitable that they will have to work harder to find opportunities to exercise. It can also feel like physical activity is not as fun as it was at one point in your life, making it even harder to feel motivated. When we were kids, going to daily practice or competing in a game was something that we looked forward to, and we didn’t even refer to it as exercising. Staying fit just came naturally! 

Even if you are a regular at the gym and enjoy going on the occasional run, you might be looking for other outlets to raise your heart rate, build muscle, and stay in shape. If you still have that competitive edge and are looking for fun ways to workout and potentially socialize at the same time, consider picking up a new sport or joining a recreational league with your friends! Even if you don’t consider yourself a stud athlete, all of these sports and activities can still be enjoyed by adults.


One of the most enjoyable and amusing ways to stay active, particularly in the summer, is through involvement in a softball or kickball league! While there can be a lot of standing around at times, chasing down a loose ball or rounding the bases requires quick spurts of energy and muscle exertion and is much more active than a night in. If you have no background in swinging a bat, kickball is an easy alternative that almost anybody can be successful at. Just run up and kick it! 


Looking for a fun way to quickly burn hundreds of calories? Then it’s time to join a recreational soccer league! You can get as much out of soccer as you want to put in — in other words, you can essentially run non-stop for an hour if you want, or you can stay back on defense and run in short spurts. If you go on weekly runs around your block, you may as well add a competitive piece to that exercise!


Swimming is great for those with joint problems who are looking to avoid higher-impact sports such as soccer and basketball. Taking a few laps in your local pool can provide full-body cardio and strength training, and leave you feeling very refreshed afterward. Swimming is also a sport where you won’t need to rely on participation in a league to have a good time. You can work out on your own schedule alone or with friends, and it is much more exciting than the routine trip to the gym to walk on the treadmill and lift weights. 

Ultimate Frisbee

It’s alright if you don’t consider ultimate frisbee to be a sport — thousands of adults compete in recreational and competitive ultimate frisbee leagues, and have a great time doing it! If you’ve never played before, ultimate is a great opportunity to use teamwork to compete, all the while feeling the joy of slinging a frisbee and burning calories. If you love playing outside and never thrived at kicking a soccer ball, ultimate frisbee might be the sport for you. 


Volleyball is a great option for couples, as most rec leagues have some form of doubles tournament, whether it is indoor, on sand, or on grass. Doubles volleyball can be a great opportunity to get a good workout in while you bring out the competitive side of your spouse and spend quality time together. There are also many leagues for six-person teams, which won’t require as much running around, and those who aren’t proficient volleyball passers and setters will be able to thrive and have a good time alongside friends.  


Climbing is another sport on this list that can be performed individually, and is tailored more towards building strength than improving endurance or burning calories. That being said, if you enjoy working with your hands, thinking critically, and learning new skills, we recommend that you try climbing! Climbing works many muscle groups that you may have not even realized you had and is a great way to challenge yourself and see improvements over time. 

Adult Fitness at The Fitness Equation

The Fitness Equation in Ashburn and Chantilly, Virginia is proud to offer fitness solutions to people of all ages and promote healthy lifestyles in our community. If you need an open gym space to play your favorite sports, or want to use our climbing wall to practice your climbing skills, reach out to us today! 

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