October Member of the Month
Renee Loll

TFE Member of the Month / October

TFE would like to congratulate our October member of the month, Renee Loll!


TFE Member of the Month / October
She is a member of both locations, joining TFE One Loudoun in 2018 then South Riding in 2019. Renee has a degree in Exercise Science and has been a triathlete for almost 20 years. She trains seven days a week alternating between sports and adds in weight training for strength. Renee said she enjoys working out at TFE because of the variety of equipment and she likes how TFE listens to member suggestions.


Renee began her fitness journey in college lifting weights, but wanted more of a purpose to her workouts so she began running. She entered races and enjoyed running, but incurred an injury with a stress fracture to her foot. Renee still needed to complete so she decided to take up triathlons. She didn’t know how to swim, but that didn’t stop her and she taught herself. After her first triathlon she was addicted!


Renee always knew that fitness was important. When she was younger she suffered from an eating disorder called anorexia. Renee said that exercise saved her life. She learned to eat for health and fitness reasons and that food should not be avoided instead it should be used for fuel. Exercise helped Renee have a healthier view on food. Renee also had borderline osteoporosis dueto her eating disorder, but through hard work she has increased her bone density! Renee said she has more energy now at 40 then she did at 20. Renee chooses fitness because it “extends into every aspect of your life!”


Congratulations, Renee! TFE is proud of your accomplishments!


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