September Member of the Month
Tom Kuebler of South Riding

TFE would like to congratulate Tom Kuebler of South Riding for being chosen as our September Member Of The Month!


Tom joined TFE two years ago. He previously worked out by himself for the last 10 years lifting weights and using the machines at other gyms, but when TFE South Riding opened up he joined right away. Tom tried working out by himself again, but he knew he needed more direction. He hit a plateau with his weightloss and his mobility was decreasing. Tom decided to take advantage of TFE’s free fitness assessment. That’s where the magic happened! Tom met Bonny, TFE South Riding Fitness Director, and she helped him understand how important stability, mobility and coordination are especially as you age.


Tom has been through many obstacles and challenges with his health. He has a heart condition and is a brain tumor survivor. He and his wife understand how important nutrition and fitness are to your daily lifestyle. Tom said he enjoys coming to TFE and working out with Bonny because it’s more than just a workout. She’s helped him with nutrition, increased his mobility and motivates him. Tom said he would have never done most of the exercises on his own so he’s happy to have found a trainer like Bonny to push him outside of his comfort zone. Tom has made new friends at TFE and said it’s a place he can go to where he can concentrate on himself. His wife made the comment that he looks younger than he did three year ago! Tom’s motivational fitness tip is set a goal and keep setting them! Congratulations Tom!


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