May Member Of The Month
Gary Malacane of South Riding

TFE would like to congratulate our May Member Of The Month, Gary Malacane.

Gary joined TFE in June right when TFE reopened after quarantine. He has always been involved in fitness, but when Covid hit Gary needed a gym close to his home. He came in for his free fitness assessment in August to get a better understanding of his fitness level, goals, and what he wanted to accomplish. After that, he started working with Sara, our Assistant Fitness Director, on his mobility, functional training, and strength training. Gary sits all day at work and looks forward to his weekly sessions with Sara. In addition to increasing strength & mobility, injury prevention was one of Gary’s top goals. He is an avid Ultimate Frisbee player in addition to his time at the gym, therefore Sara and Gary wanted to build up strength and resilience for the fast paced and unpredictable environment of the sport.

Gary said health concerns are what motivates him to keep going. He’s getting older and wants to live a long and healthy life. He wants to stay active and keep his body moving. Gary enjoys motivating others. His motivational fitness tip would be to have a goal and chart your progress in order to stay focused and committed. Challenge yourself and set those goals!

Gary’s dedication to working hard in and out of his sessions has inspired so many members at TFE. Assistant Fitness Director Sara mentioned she even had other members come up to her and say “that guy you work with has the BEST form ever!”. Gary is such a wonderful part of our TFE family and just referred his wife Sharon to join and start personal training sessions as well. We are all inspired by Gary’s hard work and how he spreads his love of health & fitness with everyone he meets!



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