June Member Of The Month
Richard Bruns of One Loudoun

TFE would like to congratulate our June Member Of The Month, Richard Bruns of One Loudoun!


Richard joined TFE OL at the beginning of the year after staying home for almost one year due to the Covid pandemic. Richard is 81 and has been an avid fitness enthusiast all his life. Even at his age he’s as active as ever, volunteering 16 hours a week at the Loudoun County Vaccination Center for the Medical Reserve Corps helping with the Covid vaccine. Richard has always been active and busy. He was in the military for 20 years, took 9 hours a week of Taekwondo, cycled (which he still does) and after he retired took up volunteering and fly fishing! So when the Covid pandemic hit and he had to stay home, Richard was not happy.


After staying at home for almost a year due to the Covid, Richard could tell his muscles were atrophying and he was losing his strength. He drives a little sports car and he had trouble getting in and out. During his 8 hour volunteer shift, he had to sit down multiple times and take breaks. He knew it was time to get back to the gym and find a trainer that could help him get back into shape so in January Richard joined TFE.


Richard said he is so thankful to have found Inna. She’s an amazing trainer and has helped him gain back his strength and even a little definition! He can easily get in and out of his sports car and can volunteer a full 8 hour shift at the clinic without sitting! Richard said his biggest motivational fitness tip is “Fitness Keeps You Young”! Forever young and looking good! We are all inspired by Richard and hope to have his energy and devotion to fitness when we are his age! Great job!



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