July Member Of The Month
Natalie Salter of South Riding

The Fitness Equation | South Riding VA | Member of the Month

TFE would like to congratulate our July Member of The Month, Natalie Salter of South Riding!

The Fitness Equation | South Riding VA | Member of the Month

Natalie joined TFE South Riding in 2018. In 2017, she was at her goal weight, but overtime and during quarantine she gained her weight back. Natalie said she saw photos of herself and decided she no longer wanted to live the unhealthy lifestyle she was living. By the end of 2020, she was 60lbs over her ideal weight.


Natalie is in her 20s and wanted to take control of her weight gain, tone up and gain muscle. In January 2021, she set a goal to lose 25lbs by June. Natalie has been committed to four group exercise classes a week by taking various cardio and strength formats and runs on the days she doesn’t come in. Natalie said working out in a group adds extra motivation because everyone is working towards the same goal. Plus, the instructors at TFE are absolutely amazing!! She reached her goal of a 25lb weight loss in April and has now lost 35lbs as of June. Natalie has increased her free weights in class from 8-10 lbs and is now using 20 lbs.


Natalie has made TFE part of her lifestyle! She looks forward to starting her day with TFE four times a week. Her biggest motivational fitness tip would be to get up and go! The hardest part about making it to the gym is getting there. Motivation comes from within! Whatever you put your mind to, you are able to accomplish and achieve. Natalie’s “I Choose Fitness” quote is “for better mental and physical health”! Congratulations to Natalie and we look forward to her continued success!


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