December Member Of The Month
Nina Butler of TFE One Loudoun

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One Loudoun member, Nina Butler joined TFE in early 2018. She recently had a baby who was nine months old and Nina wanted to lose the extra baby weight. She was also under an extreme amount of stress due to the fact that her husband had recently been diagnosed with cancer.


Nina had never worked out a day in her life until she stepped foot into TFE that winter. She was tired, overwhelmed and stressed out. She had been caring for her husband and her nine month old baby, but she knew she also needed to take care of herself. Nina started out with a strength training class where instructors Kristen, Toni and Aoife, helped her learn proper technique and form. After two months of coming to TFE, she decided to try a yoga class. She wasn’t a fan at first, but eventually grew to love it! After her husband passed away in March 2019, Nina was in a terrible emotional state. She wasn’t taking care of herself and had lost too much weight from stress. Nina came back to yoga because she wanted to release the negative energy and find balance. Yoga is what saved her! TFE yoga instructors, Daniela and Jess, were there for Nina every step of the way. Nina credits yoga and her TFE family for helping her get through the most painful time of her life.


After the passing of her husband, TFE OL held a fundraiser to help support Nina and her family. One of the reasons Nina loves TFE so much is even though it is a large gym, it still has that family feel. Everyone makes you feel welcome and is there to encourage you along the way. Nina’s yoga instructors have encouraged her so much that Nina has become a certified yoga instructor and will be teaching at TFE OL beginning Thursdays at 10:30am in December! Nina is hoping she can help others as Yoga has helped her.

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